Learning To Fly

[edit] Objective

Learn to fly planes and helicopters in the desert. There are several tests in planes and helicopters to train CJ on future missions for Mike Toreno. This and Driving School are the only schools needed to pass with bronze or more to continue on the missions.

[edit] Challenges

1. Takeoff
In the first test, CJ has to take off in a plane and go through 3 coronas.

2. Land Plane
CJ has to land a plane without damaging it.

3. Circle airstrip
CJ has to circle the airstrip while going through coronas.

4. Circle Airstrip and land
Similar to Circle Airstrip, CJ has to circle Verdant Meadows but land after circling in a plane.

5. Helicopter takeoff
CJ must take off in a helicopter, turn around and go through 1 corona.

6. Land Helicopter
Carl has to now land a helicopter.

7. Destroy Targets
This mini-mission makes use of the Hunter's guns and rockets. CJ has to destroy trucks parked on the runway and cars driving around.

8. Loop-de-loop
CJ is in a stuntplane and has to do a midair loop between 2 coronas.

9. Barrel Roll
CJ is in the stuntplane again and has to do a barrel roll between two coronas.

10. Parachuting onto target
CJ is in the air, far away from the airfield and learns how to parachute onto a small target on the meadows runway.

[edit] Rewards

Unlocks N.O.E. mission.
No money.

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