Leaf Links Golf Club

Leaf Links Golf Club is an area of Vice City where citizens of Vice City can play golf. The area is where golfers can commonly be found, as well as golf-specific vehicles such as the Caddy can be found. According to the radio program VCPR in Vice City Stories, the golf course used to be a swamp circa 1950s, where a part of the radio program 'Gordon Moorehead Rides again' was set.


[edit] Car Spawns

[edit] Missions based in Leaf Links Golf Course

[edit] Vice City Stories

[edit] Home's on the Range

Home's on the Range is a Gonzales mission. In it, Gonzales challenges Vic Vance to a mini-game, in which Vic has to hit a ball across water to a buoy floating at the other side of the small bay. The buoy has a person attached to it. If Vic doesn't hit the buoy with golf balls in a certain amount of tries, Gonzales would hit the buoy and win, and Vic would fail the mission.

[edit] Swingers Club

This is a different version of the mission. Vic has to hit 5 balls and scores according to how close the balls land to the buoy, with extra points awarded if the golf ball hits the buoy.

[edit] Vice City

[edit] Four Iron

Four Iron is an Avery Carrington mission. Tommy Vercetti has to kill a person who is playing golf. The person has several bodyguards to protect him.

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