Just Business

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Just Business is the final mission given to Cj in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas by Big Smoke. It's a short mission and there isn't much to it.


[edit] Details

Cj meets up with Big Smoke at his garage and asks him if he needs anything to be done. Big Smoke has something in mind then the two are off to downtown Los Santos. When they arrive Big Smoke shouts of "Motherf**ckers!" and the Russian Mafia attack him inside of the Hotel.

[edit] Mission

As the mission officially starts you fight some Russian Mafia men and after killing a vast amount of them you hop on a Bike with Big Smoke and Carl is the shooter. As you drive shoot the Russian Mafia men and Big Smoke will drive to safety. At the end of the mission Big Smoke drives out of the end of East Beach and the Russian Mafia are lost. Big Smoke exchanges words with Carl and the mission ends.

[edit] Rewards

  • Respect and Micro-Smg

[edit] Unlocks

  • Nothing

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