Joseph Daniel O'Toole

J.D. O'Toole outside his bar, Paulie's Revue Bar

[edit] History

Joseph Daniel O'Toole (1957-1998), or more commonly known as J.D. O'Toole is the Irish owner of Paulie's Revue Bar and Sindacco gang member. However, his lowly position converts J.D. to a Leone informer.

He tipped off Toni Cipriani on the assassination of Salvatore Leone, an attack on Leone's house and even lending a hand in destroying the Sindacco's casino, The Dolls House. This eventually means that the Leone family have driven the Sindaccos out of Portland.

[edit] Death

During his "made-man" ceremony, he is lured into a nearby car where he is shot in the back of the head by Mickey Hamfists under orders from Salavtore Leone, who could not trust him even after the help he gave him. The car and O'Toole's body are dumped in the sea. The execution is very similar to that of Paulie Gatto from The Godfather series.

His only appearance has been in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories where he was voiced by Greg Wilson.

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