Jimmy Pegorino

Jimmy Pegorino.
NameJimmy Pegorino
NicknameJimmy P. , The Peg, The Skipper
AssociatesNiko Bellic, Ray Boccino, Phil Bell, Anthony
GangPegorino Family Mafia
BornJuly 27, 1957
Year of DeathOctober 2008

Introduced In: Pegorino's Pride

Killed In: End Mission

[edit] History

Jimmy Pegorino (27 July, 1957 - October 2008) is the head-honcho of the small-time crime family: The Pegorinos. Jimmy wants the Pegorinos to be on the same level as the other Mafia families on the "commision". However, the rest of the big Liberty City Mafioso see the Pegorinos as a weak gang from Alderney.

[edit] Introduction

Jimmy Pegorino is introduced to Niko Bellic in the mission "Pegorino's Pride". Pegorino wishes to rise up to the same ranks as the other five mafia families in Liberty City. His missions mainly involve assassinating people standing in his way, as well as trying to gain respect.

[edit] Death

Pegorino's death depends on actions taken by the player, but the process begins when Pegorino asks Niko to make a deal with Dimitri Rascalov. If the player chooses the "revenge" option, Niko will ambush Dimitri and kill him. After this, Pegorino attempts to kill Niko for ruining his deal but accidentally shoots Kate McReary instead. After this, Niko chases Pegorino down to Happiness Island and kills him in the mission 'A Dish Served Cold'. If the player chooses the "deal" option, Niko will attempt to make the deal with Dimitri but gets betrayed. Dimitri eventually turns on Pegorino as well and kills him in the mission 'A Revenger's Tragedy'.

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