Jeffrey Cross

OG Loc
OG Loc.jpg
NameJeffrey Cross
NicknameOG Loc
Age17 (1992)
Height5' 9"
Weight175 lbs
Voice actorJohnathan Anderson

Introduced In: OG Loc

[edit] History

Jeffrey "OG Loc" Cross (born December 8, 1974) is a wannabe rapper in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Loc isn't a member of the Grove Street Families, but tries to improve his reputation on the streets by commiting crimes to get sent to jail. He is introduced to Carl Johnson in the mission, OG Loc. He is working at a Burger Shot and wants CJ to help him kickstart his career as a West-Coast rapper. He asks Carl to help him to do this by getting him to eliminate competition such as rapper Madd Dogg and get Loc recording equipment and Madd Dogg's rhyme book.

[edit] Running Joke

It's a running joke throughout the game as to how people cannot pronounce "Oh-gee Loc". Radio talkshow host Lazlow calls him, "Oglock". A DJ refers to him as, "Oge Loke", and Los Santos hip-hop star Madd Dogg calls him, "G Loco".

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