House Party

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House Party is a mission in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in which Carl and Og Loc have some "fun".

[edit] Details

Og Loc violated his parole by quitting his job at Burger Shot, before he goes back to jail he wants to go out with a blow.

[edit] Mission

Before Cj goes to the party someone suggests that he should go pick up some new clothing and a new hairstyle to blend into the party. When you arrive at the party Cj goes in and has a great time. Things go great until a Grove Family member comes in to tell the party that the Ballas have planned an all out attack on the Grove Family. Cj and his crew then go outside with cars being used as barricades. Cj then has to take on eight waves of attacks and after the attacks are done the mission is over.

[edit] Rewards and Unlockables


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