High Noon

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High Noon information
Starter locationThe Desert
mission providerC.R.A.S.H
Characters killed by CarlEddie Pulaski
Characters killed by a third partyJimmy Hernandez, killed by C.R.A.S.H

Characters killed: Eddie Pulaski,Jimmy Hernandez

Overview- Carl is told to go to the desert by C.R.A.S.H. While there, Jimmy Hernandez sacrifices his life so Carl could escape and kill Eddie

to do beforehand- Make sure that there is a rocket launcher or mini gun in Carl's possession to use on Eddie's car. Head towards the marker to start the mission.

Cutscene 1- The C.R.A.S.H team has arrived and know they have been betrayed by Jimmy. They hit him over the head with a shovel and left him unconscious. Carl is then forced to dig his own grave and one for Jimmy. Jimmy then awakes, and distracts Eddie enough for Carl to escape.

How to acheive goal- get in the provided vehicle and chase after Eddie. There will be a section in the road when it keeps turning and twisting going down and would be under a small cliff from where Carl started. Simply drop down the cliff, take out the heavy weapon, and wait for Eddies car to come into view. His car would have taken the long way around to get to where Carl currently is, giving Carl plenty of time. Shoot and then there is another cutscene.

Cutscene 2- Eddie is lying on the road with is back supported by his getaway car. He continuosly keeps shouting out rude things about Carl's family. When Carl asks for his last words, Eddie tells Carl he was to have sex with Carl's sister. Carl is angry and finally kills Eddie.

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