Happiness Island

Happiness Island

[edit] Information

Happiness Island is an island off southern Algonquin and is Liberty City's version of Liberty Island, it also has its own version of the Statue of Liberty which is called the Statue of Happiness. Happiness Island is where the finale of GTA IV is played out.

[edit] Collectables/Easter Egg

  • 6 hidden pigeons can be found on the island.

-Two pigeons are nested on the statues top hand. Zoom in with the sniper rifle to see them.

-One pigeon is perched on the wall that surrounds the platforms under the statue (the same ones that lead up to the hidden T-Shirt). It is on the opposite side that the stairs release you.

  • A secret T-shirt can be found on the island. To find it, walk over to the big building under the statue and begin climbing the stairs. Once your outside, go to your left or right and turn again, and climb the stairs. Keep climbing the stairs and eventually, at the last floor, you'll find the shirt. It'll equip itself automatically.
  • If you take a helicopter to the base of the statue and bail out you can enter the statue and climb a ladder to see a large beating heart.
  • A Kevlar Vest (Body Armor; Increases the damage you can endure from bullets and fires) can be found here on one of the floors that lead to the Statue of Happiness T-Shirt.

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