Hangman's NOOSE

This mission is an online multiplayer mission and only playable in Grand Theft Auto IV.

[edit] Overview

Kenny Petrovic has arrived in Liberty City, but the police are also waiting for him at the airport. To pass this mission, the player keep the NOOSE at bay while getting transport for Petrovic.

[edit] Walkthrough

The game places the player in the middle of a gun fight. The player must get rid of the NOOSE long enough for Petrovic to want to get out his private jet. When the game instructs the player to get a vehicle, or to take it to the jet, do so. An easy technique to pass this mission, a technique popular with the players, is to steal one of the Armoured Trucks or the baggage carrier to the right of the starting area and make a waypoint in the northern part of the airport, where the helicopters are. Hijack one of the helicopters and make way to where Petrovic is. When at the jet, take out the NOOSE with the guns then pick up Petrovic. When Petrovic and any other players are in the copter, fly up and towards the end waypoint.
Alternatively, the player can steal an armoured truck and run over all of the policemen, then drive to the end.

[edit] Reward


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