Grand Theft Auto 2

Grand Theft Auto 2
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TitleGrand Theft Auto 2
PublishersRockstar Games
DevelopersDMA Design, Tarantula Studios
PlatformsPlaystation, PC, Gameboy Colour, Dreamcast
Preceded byGrand Theft Auto
Suceeded byGrand Theft Auto III
ReleasedOctober 22 1999 (Playstation), October 27 1999 (Windows), May 2 2000 (Dreamcast), December 25 2000 (Gameboy Colour).

Grand Theft Auto 2 was preceded by Grand Theft Auto and is followed by Grand Theft Auto 3. It had a top down perspective and featured a location dubbed 'Anywhere City' at an unknown time. Like other GTA games, GTA2 featured gang wars, car theft, violence and gore. Similar to other GTA games, most missions involved doing jobs for Gang leaders.


[edit] Plot

In the future, in 'Anywhere City', Claude Speed awakes from a cryonics sleep with amnesia. His main goal is to become 'King of the city' and along the way, helps several gangs.

[edit] Differences between versions

In the PC version there are more things than in the PSX version. In the PC version there are trains, parked cars, dusk, and car alarms but all these things were removed from the PSX version.

[edit] Rockstar Classics

Rockstar now offers Grand Theft Auto 2 as a download from the website, along with the original Grand Theft Auto and a non-Grand Theft Auto game called 'Wild Metal'.

[edit] Weapons

The above is a list of weapons. Vehicles could now have a seperate list of weapons installed.

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This game is part of the Grand Theft Auto Series

Preceded by
Grand Theft Auto
This is the second game in the
Grand Theft Auto Series
Succeeded by
Grand Theft Auto III

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