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NeoWiki Content Disclaimer

All original content on NeoWikis (Wikis on Neoseeker) are copyright Neo Era Media, Inc and subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for Please do not take this information and reproduce it on another website, in print, or in any other medium without our written consent. Certain images, quotes, and descriptions may be excerpted from outside sources and are copyright their respective owners. Descriptions as exerpts must be short and clearly separated from original content.

Original content on NeoWikis is special because most of it is contributed by volunteers who spend their time creating original content to be used on Neoseeker's sites under our copyright. The information is either 100% originally authored by these volunteers, or else used from a third source with permission from the original authors where possible.

Because of the number of people working on the wikis and their open nature, it is difficult to maintain 100% accuracy and prevent all unauthorized content from making its way into our sites. Neo Era Media, Inc takes no responsibility for the accuracy and usability of the information provided in the wikis. Nor do we make any warranties as to the usability and safety of this information.

If you notice that content on the wiki appears to be plagiarized from another source, please report this in our forums or help remove the plagiarised information yourself (while leaving the non plagiarised info intact please!!!). We take this seriously and editors will handle such reports as promptly as possible.

How to Help Improve Content

NeoWikis are constantly being improved thanks to user input. If you wish to add additional information to a page or make corrections simply click on the "Edit" link at the top of each page. Some NeoWikis are closed to editing only by members of Neoseeker - membership is FREE and it takes moments to create an account.

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