Francis International Airport

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[edit] Grand Theft Auto III era

Francis International Airport was first introduced in Grand Theft Auto III. It was the only airport in Liberty City. Even though it was an explorable place, one could only interact with the Half-Winged Dodo. No other Airplanes or Helicopters could be iteracted with. It returned in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, but the Dodo and all of the other aircraft could not be interacted with.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto IV era

The Francis International Airport made it's return in Grand Theft Auto IV, this time much bigger in size. Like before, it is still the only airport in Liberty City, and one cannot interact with any planes. Not even the Half-Winged Dodo was included. Moreover, driving inside the airport results in a 4 Star Wanted level. The Airport does however have helipads, where the Annihilator helicopter spawns.

[edit] Public Transport

The airport is served by bus and train. The Francis International Airport Station is located outside to the west of the main building above the carpark. The bus stops are just to the east of the entrances of the station, but no buses ever go past there for passengers.

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