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Fernando Martinez is a minor character in the GTA III era and GTA IV era series of games as a DJ or appearing on the radio.


[edit] Vice City

Martinez started his career in Vice City, 1984, as a reporter for Emotion 98.3. Eventually, Lionel Makepeace, the current DJ, leaves, leaving Martinez to take his spot by 1986.

[edit] San Andreas

Fernando briefly appears on the Lonely Hearts Show on WCTR.

[edit] Liberty City

In GTA III, Martinez appears on Chatterbox FM, where he tells Lazlow that after his DJ career, he founded the store Fernando's New Beginnings, but it is revealed to be a prostitution ring with himself as the pimp.
Fernando returns to DJing in Episodes from Liberty City for the appropriately named Vice City FM, as he played a larger role in Emotion compared to the other radio stations he appeared in.

[edit] Notes

  • Fernando Martinez is the only character apart from GTA collaborator Lazlow to appear in both the GTA III era and GTA IV era.

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