Eddie Low

Eddie Low (Born 26 February, 1975) is a random character that can be found in GTA: IV. The in-game radio stations talk of a serial-killer on the loose in Liberty City. The LCPD and radio stations supposedly work on a nickname for the killer (according to the talk of the radio stations), and "Head Hunter" is one that becomes popular. Eddie Low is that serial killer. After you have completed the mission, "Three Leaf Clover" for Packie McCreary, you will unlock Eddie's two missions.


[edit] Location

Eddie Low can be found at the mouth of an alley in Alderney City, Alderney. The alley is directly opposite an AutoEroticar dealership. Eddie's missions can only be accessed between the hours of 10pm and 4am.

[edit] Missions

[edit] First Encounter

Go to Eddie's location and pick him up in a car. The best plan would be to jack one of the cars from the AutoEroticar across the street. However, make sure you lose any Wanted Level you may have gained before collecting Eddie.

Follow the GPS route to the docks, conviently they're also in Alderney City. Wait for Eddie while he "drops the kids off". After Mr. Low returns, follow your GPS and drop him off in Westminster in Star Junction.

[edit] Second Encounter

This time you will find Eddie Low in Berchem. As you might expect, a serial-killers mind is highly changeable. After a strange, rambling cutscene, you have a basic objective - kill Eddie Low.

Eddie will start swinging at you with a knife and knock you down. Simply get up, pull out your favourite firearm and put Eddie out of his misery.

[edit] Facts

  • After you kill Eddie, the radio and the Liberty Tree website talk of his murder.

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