Dwayne Forge

(Born 9 June 1973) is a character in gta iv. Dwayne is a former drug kingpin who ruled over North Holland and is the founder and former boss of the North Holland Hustlers. He was sentenced to nine years in prison and was placed on suicide watch for much of his prison sentence, continuing to express some suicidal thoughts when released. In the 90s before sentenced to prison, he would make $ 50,000 everyday. Playboy x was Dwayne's "prodigy", who stopped visiting Dwayne in prison in 2004, where Dwayne would've been halfway through his sentence. After released from prison in 2008, Playboy x backstabs Dwayne wanting Niko Bellic to kill him. Instead, Niko Bellic kills Playboy x (Dwayne could be killed instead). After Playboy is killed Niko becomes friends with Dwayne who asks Niko to hang out with him after losing most of his friends during prison.

Height: 6'2½"

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