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[edit] Half Winged

The Dodo was the first ever airplane in a Grand Theft Auto video game, first introduced in Grand Theft Auto III. However, this version of the Dodo only had half wings, making it virtually impossible to fly. The Dodo was driven more or less like a normal ingame car. Players eventually discovered the secret to flying the seemingly un-flyable plane; the difficulty in doing so was a challenge greatly enjoyed by the masses of Grand Theft Auto fans.
Half winged Dodo

[edit] Full Winged

The Dodo made a comeback in the fifth installment of series, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This time the Dodo possessed a complete set of wings, making it completely flyable. Even though the excitement for this airplane disappeared pretty quick, being overshadowed by the huge variety of airplanes in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, it is still arguably the most popular plane in the series.
Full winged Dodo

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