Denise Robinson

Denise Robinson
NameDenise Robinson
BornJuly 20, 1969 (age 22)
Height5' 6" (1.67 m)
GangGrove Street Families

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Denise Robinson (born July 20, 1969) is the first of many girlfriends CJ can find and/or unlock as he progresses through Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Although she dosen't give any major rewards , CJ does unlock the keys to her green Hustler and a pimp suit. To unlock her as a girlfriend, CJ has to rescue her from a burning house in Balla country in the mission Burning Desire. Cluckin' Bell is one of Denise's favourite restaurants. She had 3 children, she first got pregnant at 14 years old in 1983, she gave up the baby for adoption. She became pregnant again at 19 years old in 1988 with twins, she as well gave them up for adoption.

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