Darko Brevic

Introduced in the mission: 'That Special Someone'

[edit] History

Darko Brevic (Born 30 June 1973) is a man, hated by Niko who betrayed both Niko and his friends while in the army for a measly $1,000. U.L paper and Jon Gravelli reward Niko for his hard work by tracking down Darko and bringing him to Liberty City. In the mission: 'That Special Someone', Darko is brought to Francis International Airport in a van. Tied up and beaten he is in a terrible state, his drug addiction leaves him begging Niko to take his life. It is then that Niko is given the chance to either take his revenge or be the bigger man and walk away. If the player chooses to spare Darko then Niko first feels angered but then decides that it was the right thing to do. Killing Darko results in a gruesome cut scene in which he is executed, this however leaves Niko with an empty feeling.

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