Heard but not seen.
Real NameUnknown
GangRed Jacks
rivalThe Purple Nines
LocatedShoreside Vale, Liberty City
Games heard inGrand Theft Auto III
Voiced byWalter Mudu

D-Ice (real name unknown) is the leader of the Red Jacks, a minor gang in Liberty City, rivalled against The Purple Nines, who is supplying SPANK. Most of D-Ice's missions involve attacking The Purple Nines, or protecting D-Ice from the group. His missions can be taken from Wichita Gardens in Shoreside Vale.


[edit] Missions

[edit] Uzi Money

Main article: Uzi Money

D-Ice wants Claude to kill members of the Purple Nines gang using only a Uzi around Wichita Gardens. He has a set amount of time to do so.

[edit] Toyminator

Main article: Toyminator

To distribute Spank, The Purple Nines are using vans. To destroy them, D-Ice tells Claude to use toy buggies that blow up on contact with the vans.

[edit] Rigged to blow

Main article: Rigged to Blow

Someone has done a very poor job of making a car bomb in D-Ice's Infernus. He requests Claude to take his car to a bomb expert in Saint Marks, Portland in 6 minutes. To make the mission even harder, he slightest bump into anything gives a large chance that the car will explode, with Claude in it.
This mission can be replayed after completing Rumble.

[edit] Bullion Run

Main article: Bullion Run

There is bullion all around an area of Shoreside Vale, so D-Ice tells Claude to pick up the bullion and leave it in D-Ice's garage. The more bullion Claude picks up, the more heavier his car gets, meaning that Claude has to unload in the garage before picking up more bullion.

[edit] Rumble

Main article: Rumble

Claude and D-Ice's brother are told to go to a park to participate in a fight. The catch is, no weapons allowed.
If Claude visits D-Ice's phone again, he can complete Rigged to Blow again.

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