Customs Fast Track

Customs Fast Track
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ByCesar Vialpando
GenreCar stealing/Crane Controlling/shooting.
Rewards$10,000, respect.
UnlocksPuncture Wounds, export and import sub-mission.

This mission is unlocked after beating the mission: Test Drive, this mission will be given to you by Cesar Vialpando in San Fierro. You can access it by heading towards the garage in Doherty.

[edit] Story

Cesar's contact told him about the next car on the wishlist, it was in one of the marked containers in Easter Basin Docks. CJ and Cesar will head to the docks and find the containers unmarked, Cesar orders CJ to try each one of them and use the crane. Soon cops will arrive and they should be eliminated.

[edit] Mission

In this mission you will do the following activities:

  • Steal a car using a crane.
  • shoot/eliminate targets.
  • Head back to the mission start location.

[edit] Strategy

To win this game, there are some helpful tips to try:

  • You can eliminate cops by using the crane and miss around with their cars.
  • DON'T let-go the containers from a high height to prevent explosion.

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