Colonel Cortez

Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez
Colonel Cortez.jpg
NameJuan Garcia Cortez
Nickname/ titleColonel Cortez
Height6' 3"
Year of birth21 January 1935
Appeared in:Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, mentioned in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
GangVercetti gang
Voiced byRobert Davi
EnemiesFrench Secret Service, Gonzalez, VCPD

Introduced in: The Party

Leaves Vice City in: All Hands On Deck!


[edit] About

Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez is a colonel from an unknown war. He and Tommy meets at a party on his yacht. Colonel Cortez discvers that his main henchman, Gonzalez, has given the information to someone (revealing in Vice City Stories to be Ricardo Diaz, as Gonzalez was forced by Diaz to reveal all the information about the Colonel's drug dealing). Cortez then tells Tommy to kill him using a chainsaw. Colonel Cortez seems to have a dislike for the French Secret Service when he steals chips containing information on weapons. The French secret Service invade the area Cortez was docked with his yacht. Tommy recognises Cortez as an honourable man and helps him escape. He, Cotez's men and Cortez himself fend the boat from the French.

[edit] Missions

All of Colonel Cortez's missions can be taken from where his boat is docked.

[edit] Treacherous Swine

Colonel Cortez realises that Gonzalez has betrayed him and tells Tommy Vercetti to kill him.

[edit] Mall Shootout

Colonel Cortez tells Tommy to go to a courier who has information and chips on weapons technology, but at the meeting place, both are ambushed and the courier escapes.

[edit] Guardian Angels

Characters introduced: Ricardo Diaz

Tommy and Lance Vance protect Ricardo Diaz while he is doing a drug tade. Note that Ricardo's car can be stolen at the end of the mission for the PS2 version and the car is indestructable except from sinking, tanks and rolling over.

[edit] Sir, yes Sir!

Tommy steals a Rhino for Cortez.

[edit] All Hands on deck!

Tommy protects Cortez as he leaves for an unknown location because Cortez was found out by the French Secret Service.

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