Cluckin' Bell

[edit] History


Cluckin' bell is a popular fast food restaurant in the world of Grand Theft Auto. The very first appearance was in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and has been also included in GTA IV.

The restaurant is a favorite of gang girl Denise Robinson. It is a parody of a southern fried chicken company and Taco Bell. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas you had two options when you entered Cluckin' Bell. You can either shoot it up and steal the cash from the register, or you can buy yourself a meal to replenish your health. In Grand Theft Auto IV you can take your dates to Cluckin' Bell, or you can go in at any time to buy a meal to replenish your health. You can also walk into the back and take a fire extinguisher as a weapon.

[edit] Meals

A member of serving staff at Cluckin' Bell.

Meals at Cluckin' Bell include:

  • Cluckin' Big Filet Burger
  • Cluckin' Huge Double Filet
  • Wings-Pieces Bucket
  • Fowl Wrap Burrito.

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