Cesar Vialpando (mission)

Cesar Vialpando (mission)
GenreDriving/buttons pressing.
UnlocksHigh Stakes, Low Rider Lowrider Challenge sub-mission, vehicle modding.

This mission is unlocked after beating the mission: Sweet's Girl, this mission will be given to you by Sweet in Los Santos. You can access it by heading towards Sweet house.

[edit] Story

Kendl is dating an enemy gang leader called Cesar Vialpando, Sweet argues with her about that and that he doesn't accept it. Cesar runs the Varrios Los Aztecas gang south west of Los Santos, In this mission Sweet will ask you to fallow Kindl to the Low-Rider show in the Unity Station. Cj will have to do some low-rider activities in order to drive some attention, Sweet will direct Cj to a mod garage, known as Loco Low Co. You will drive a low-rider vehicle called Savanna.

[edit] Mission

In this mission you will do the fallowing activities:

  • Drive to several locations.
  • Mod a Low-Rider.
  • Participate in the Low-Rider show by pressing certain buttons in certain time.

[edit] Strategy

To win this game, there are some helpful tips to try:

  • Try to focus on the icons when it enters the circle and turns white.
  • Try muting the music, or if you favorite it try rhyming with it.
  • Stick your eyes to the screen so you can see the icons clearly when it fits in the circle

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