Burning Desire

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Burning desire is a C.R.A.S.H mission.

  • Objective: You have to burn down a building that belongs to the Vagos.
  • Summary: Tenpenny wants you to eliminate someone for him. Head to where he's stashed some Molotov Cocktails and then head to the house. Watch out for enemy gang members who will try and stop you. Once you've set fire to the place someone calls for help and you have to go in and rescue her. Once you get her back out you get a nice kiss as a thank you and the mission ends.
  • Reward: Respect levels increase and Molotov Cocktails.
  • Note: This will unlock Sweet's second set of missions and Denise Robinson as your girlfriend.

Denise is one of the optional girlfriends of Carl "CJ" Johnson. She wears a green jersey with a white long sleeved shirt underneath with sweats and a bandana. Denise lives down the street from CJ and is allied with Grove Street Families and one of Denises's special dates are doing drive by's on the Ballas.

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