Bomb Da Base Act II

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This article is about the Grand Theft Auto III mission. For the GTA IV mission, see Bomb Da Base II.

Bomb Da Base Act II is a Salvatore Leone mission in Grand Theft Auto III.

  • Objective: Blow up the Columbian Cartel's Ship Base.
  • Brief Summary: Salvatore knows that the Columbians are making spank on the boat in the harbor that Curly Bob went to when reporting to the Cartel. He wants you to blow it up and suggests you seek 8-Ball's help. When you go to 8-Ball's he will inform you that you need to pay $100,000 for his expenses. If you already have the money, step into the marker again and continue the mission. If you do not, you will have to raise the money before continuing on. Doing any uncompleted missions at this point, or maybe trying the vigilante, ambulance, or firefighter R3 missions will help you raise funds. Go with 8-Ball to the harbor and get up on the roof of the building next to the ship using the metal staircase. Cover 8-Ball by sniping every Cartel guy you see and give him time to plant the explosives. Watch the cut-scene and pass the mission.
  • Reward: $150,000

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