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GTA: Vice City Stories
PurposeSell you weapons.
Slogan"The store leading the fight against communism"

Ammunation is featured in many GTA games, they range from GTA 3 to GTA: San Andreas and there is one common thing among all of them, they sell you weapons to kill things. The weapons sold at Ammunation range from M16's to Ak-47s. You can also purchase grenades and body armor to help you survive longer in fights during gameplay. At the start of any GTA game you have limited access to the weapons sold at Ammunation, but as the game goes on you are greater access then full access to all of the sold weapons. Ammunation does NOT sell heavy weapons such as the rocket launcher, these have to be purchased elsewhere. GTA IV does not feature Ammunation, instead Niko can obtain weapons elsewhere.

[edit] Advertisements

While you drive in GTA games that feature an Ammunation you will hear various commercials advertising the store with catchy slogans and funny references. It's slogan is "the store leading the fight against communism!"

[edit] Locations

Liberty City

  • Newport
  • Red Light District/ Saint Mark's

Vice City

  • Ocean Beach
  • Northpoint Mall
  • Downtown Vice City

San Andreas

  • Market (In Los Santos)
  • Willowfield (In Los Santos)
  • Ocean Flats (In San Fierro)
  • Old Venturas Strip (In Las Venturas)
  • Come-A-Lot (In Las Venturas)
  • Blueberry (Red County)
  • Palomino Creek (In Red County)
  • El Quebrados (In Tierra Robada)
  • Fort Carson (In Bone Country)
  • Western Outskirts of Las Venturas (In Bone Country)

[edit] Shooting Ranges

Shooting Range
342.jpgCarl at a shooting range

In many of the stores in San Andreas you can find shooting ranges in which Carl can participate in and gain gun skills. The range gives you three rounds per weapon and the winner is decided by who can shoot out three targets. There are various rounds.

Round One

  • Three still targets and whoever can demolish the first three first wins the round

Round Two

  • Moving targets once again, whoever can shoot them first wins the round.

Round Three

  • Round three features moving targets in which everyone shoots at, whoever has the most hits first wins the round.

The rounds have different variations of skill and the weapons used. You use weapons from Pistols to AK-47s. Once you have completed the whole thing you will be promoted to Hitman and earn some cash as well.

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