LocationLiberty City, 2008 era
Seen inGrand Theft Auto IV

[edit] Algonquin

Algonquin is the second island to be unlocked in Grand Theft Auto IV. It's also the largest island of Liberty City. It is based on Manhattan Island, New York. The island is unlocked after completing the mission Blow Your Cover and the player will likely spend the largest part of the game on the island. This is also the only island in the game where you can take Heli-tours at the Higgins Heli-tours base.
Algonquin is based on a native American tribe, from where the word Manhattan came from. [1]

[edit] Places of Interest

Statue of Happiness is based on the Statue of Liberty. It has its own island south of Algonquin, but is a part mainland Algonquin. The location is where the final battle of the game occurs between Niko and Dmitri in the mission A Revenger's Tragedy. The Statue of Happiness is also where one of the only easter eggs are located, a large beating heart inside the statue restrained by chains. Some sources state that the face of The Statue of Happiness resembles Hillary Clinton.[2]
Star Junction is based on Times Square. It is the only location in Liberty City where buses can be hijacked.
Rotterdam Tower is based on The Empire State Building. It is the largest building in the game. There is access to the top floor from street level and vice versa.
Middle Park is the largest park in the game. It is subject to a false rumour seen on the in-game internet about a whale in middle park, although it was quickly debunked.

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