A Long Way to Fall

A Long Way to Fall
A Long Way to Fall.jpg
Niko intimidating Alonzo.
Succeeds (Ray's missions)n/a
Precedes (Ray's missions)Taking in the Trash

A Long Way to Fall is a Ray Boccino mission.

[edit] Walkthrough

Ray asks Niko to find someone, called Teddy for him at an apartment block. At the block, Ray sends a photo of Alonzo (pictured), who is in a park. Niko must intimidate Alonzo to find out where Teddy is hiding. To intimidate, all Niko has to do is pull out a weapon and aim at Alonzo. He reveals that Teddy is located at Apartment 151 K. Niko goes his way to the apartment while Alonzo warns Teddy by phone that Niko is on his way. On the ground floor, an elevator takes Niko up 20 levels, but Niko has to go up another two himself, taking out gang members along the way. In Teddy's apartment, Niko finds Teddy in the bathroom, but Teddy escapes to the roof. On the roof, Niko must push Teddy off to complete the mission.

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