100% Completion

The following is a basic listing of all of the criteria required to attain 100% game completion for the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Note that it will contain spoilers on what exactly you can do in the game, so it might be a good idea to have gone through most of the story mode before you look through the list.

Story Missions:

  • Complete all main Los Santos missions.
  • Complete all main Badlands countryside missions.
  • Complete all main San Fierro missions.
  • Complete all main desert missions.
  • Complete all main Las Venturas missions.
  • Complete all final missions.

Side Asset Missions:

  • Courier Missions
    Roboi's Food Mart, Los Santos
    Level 4 Completion (Asset Aquired: $2,000 Revenue)

  • Courier Missions
    Hippy Shopper, San Fierro
    Level 4 Completion (Asset Aquired)

  • Courier Missions
    Burger Shot, Las Venturas
    Level 4 Completion (Asset Aquired)

  • Quarry Missions
    Hunter Quarry, Las Venturas
    Level 7 Completion (Asset Aquired)

  • Trucking
    Mr. Whittaker's "RS Haul" Depot, Flint County
    Level 8 Completion (Asset Aquired: �2,000 Revenue)

  • Valet Parking
    Vank Hoff Hotel, San Fierro (Asset Aquired)

R3 Missions:

  • Taxi Driver
    50 Total Passenger Fares (Nitro Cabs). Activated from within a Taxi or Cabbie.

  • Vigilante/Brown Thunder
    Level 12 Completion (Armor Boost). Activated from within a Police car, Ranger, Hunter, Rhino or HPV1000 bike.

  • Paramedic
    Level 12 Completion (Health Bar Boost). Activated from within an Ambulance.

  • Firefighter
    Level 12 Completion (Fireproof CJ). Activated from within a Firetruck.

  • Home Invasions
    $10,000 Total Stolen. Activated from within a Boxville. Completing acquires Infinite Sprint

  • Pimpin'
    Level 10 Completion (Money Making Hookers). Activated from within a Broadway.


  • Spray all 100 tags in Los Santos.
  • Collect all 50 underwater Oysters in San Andreas.
  • Collect all 50 hidden Horseshoes in Las Venturas.
  • Take all 50 San Fierro Snapshots.
  • Learn Boxing style in Los Santos' gym.
  • Learn Martial Arts style in San Fierro's gym.
  • Learn Streetfighting style in Las Venturas' gym.

Race Tournaments:

  • Win all Los Santos tournament races.
  • Win all San Fierro tournament races.
  • Win all Las Venturas tournament races.
  • Win all Las Venturas air time-trials.

Vehicle School:

  • Pass Driving School with at least Bronze Medals (All Golds: HotKnife)
  • Pass Motorcycle School with at least Bronze Medals (All Golds: NRG-500)
  • Pass Boat School with at least Bronze Medals (All Golds: JetMax)
  • Pass Flight School with at least Bronze Medals (All Golds: Hunter)

Ammu-Nation Shooting Ranges:

  • Pistol Challenge
  • SMG Challenge
  • Shotgun Challenge
  • AK-47 Challenge

Vehicle Challenges:

  • BMX Challenge (Skate Park, Los Santos)
  • Chilliad Challenge (Mount Chilliad, Badlands)
  • Exports and Imports (Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro)
  • Freight Train (Railway Lines)
  • Lowrider Challenge
  • NRG-500 Challenge

Races and Stadium Events:

  • 8-Track (Los Santos)
  • Blood Bowl
  • Dirt Track (Las Venturas)
  • Kickstart

Purchasable Assets and Properties:

  • Purchase and acquire Zero's RC Toy Store (generates $5,000 revenue)
  • Purchase and acquire Wang Cars (generates $8,000 revenue)
  • Purchase and acquire Airstrip (generates $10,000 revenue)

  • Purchase all Safe Houses

    • List being written up, images soon.

  • Purchase all Hotel Suites

    • List being written up, images soon.

100% Rewards

quote Huge Spoilers
100% achieved! Stats and cash have been boosted! Rhino and Hydra delivered to CJ's house in Grove Street.

Thanks to Scarchelli for helping compile this list. Credit to A Definite Product for contributing toward the R3 Mission rewards and Krimson_Dragon for helping add to the School rewards.

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