The Party (mission)

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The Party is the second mission given to Tommy Vercetti by his buddy Ken Rosenberg.


[edit] Details

After your drug deal was a bust, your boss, Sonny Forelli orders you to go seek out who ruined your deal and to kill them and get your coke back from them. Tomi doesn't object and agrees to carry out this new mission. Ken Rosenberg suggests that you go talk to the man who organized this mission, Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez. Cortez is currently having a party at his Yacht so Tommy needs to get dressed up for it.

[edit] Mission

Tommy is ordered to go to Rafael's to pick up some new clothing to go to the Yacht Party Cortez is hosting. Tommy arrives and enters a cut-scene in which he meets various characters in the game, many of them later being involved in his missions. After the cut-scene Diaz arrives and Mercedes asks Tommy to drive her to the Pole Position Club. During the drive the two enter in conversation and you learn more about her. The mission is then complete.

[edit] Rewards

  • $100 and Soiree Outfit

[edit] Unlocks

  • The mission "Back Alley Brawl."

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