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Lazlow Jones

Z.i.T is a free service provided for the player to find out the name and artist of a particular song. The number is 948 555 0100. When it is called, the player hears Lazlow's voice introducing the service. After 9 seconds the phone goes back down and another 5 seconds later a text message from Z.i.T is recieved, includin the name of the song and artist.
This service can also be used in Episodes from Liberty City, either the DLC versions or on the disc.

[edit] Cannot spot song

The service will say that the song cannot be identified on two conditions,

  • During commercials or any time during the talk shows Integrity 2.0, PLR or WKTT.
  • When the Xbox 360 Music Player is turned on. Z.i.T will take note of this and call the music playing 'second rate'.
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