Wu Zi Mu

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Wu Zi Mu Birth 18 February 1961
NameWu Zi Mu
NicknameWoozie, Lucky Mole
Gang/alliesMountain Cloud Boys (leader), Carl Johnson, The Four Dragons Casino
Resides inChinatown, San Fierro, San Andreas
Height5'8" (1.73m)
Age46 (1992)
EnemiesCaligula's Casino, Ken Rosenberg, Salvatore Leone, The Da Nang Thang gang
Voiced byJames Yaegashi

Wu Zi Mu also known as "Woozie" to his friends, is the leader of the Mountain Cloud Boys in San Fierro. He and Carl Johnson rob the Caligula's Casino.

Woozie is nicknamed the "Lucky Mole" because of his ability to beat Carl in races and video games, despite him being blind. However, there are times when he bumps into walls and stumbles over.

Though he can be brutal and foul-mouthed when angered, Woozie is generally peaceful, and for a criminal, an honorable man. Six years later in Liberty City Stories, Woozie's Casino, Four Dragons Casino, has become a huge success. Woozie's fate is unknown at that time.

Oddly, Woozie is an accurate shooter.

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