This is a list of weapons found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
Like in Vice City, weapons are grouped into slots and you can only carry one weapon from each slot at a time, even though that still means you're carrying practically an arsenal of weapons around with you.

Weapon Skill

Many weapons will have a skill level attached to them. This skill will go up the more times you fire the weapon and hit someone. As skill goes up so does your accuracy and you gain the ability to move and fire at the same time. When you reach Hitman level several weapons allow you to "dual wield" which means you can use 2 at the same time, basically doubling your firepower. Obviously this only applies to one handed weapons and not to all of them either.

  • Slot 1 - Hand
    Hand to hand fighting prevails with this slot. Press square to block.
    • Fist - The basic weapon and the only one you start off with. The more muscle you have the stronger your punches will be.
    • Brass Knuckles - Used to give your punches extra bang for the buck.

  • Slot 2 - Melee
    If you're tired of using just your fists then put your arms to a different use and swing some of these at someone.
    • Baseball Bat - Good for home runs and general beat 'em up action. Carried by a few gang members.
    • Golf Club - Wrap that 7 Iron around that Balla's face. Found at golf courses
    • Shovel - Great for knocking people out and then burying the evidence. Carried by farmers mainly.
    • Nightstick - The cops' trusted ally in the fight against crime, rarely useful against someone with a gun though. Obtained from killing cops.
    • Cane - Used as a walking stick, or it used to be until you stole it. One can be found outside Didier Sachs.
    • Pool Cue - Get this from the little pool side games in pubs.
    • Knife - Excellent for stealth kills, it will be used in a few missions. One of the most practical melee weapons.
    • Katana - If you feel like recreating Kill Bill then look no further than this weapon.
    • Chainsaw - Rev it up and let rip with this powerful melee weapon.

  • Slot 3 - Handguns
    The pistol is the basic weapon that will be used quite a bit early on but only as a fallback later on as you gain access to more powerful weapons.
    • Pistol - The most basic weapon. A lot of gang members will carry this as well as the cops. When you reach Hitman status with this weapon you can wield two of them at once. 17 rounds per clip.
    • Silenced Pistol - Using this in public won't cause people to run away like usual, ideal for stealth kills from a distance. 17 rounds per clip.
    • Desert Eagle - An extremely powerful handgun, far more deadly than the other two pistols. 7 rounds per clip.

  • Slot 4 - Shotguns
    For serious stopping power at short range you'll want to look no further than these weapons.
    • Shotgun - The standard pump action shotgun. Fire, reload and repeat. Used by Rangers when you have a 3 star wanted level.
    • Combat Shotgun - Rapid fire action increases the chances that you'll take out your target. 7 rounds per clip.
    • Sawnoff Shotgun - A true underworld weapon. If you reach Hitman status with these you'll be able to dual wield. 2 rounds per clip.

  • Slot 5 - SMG's
    The easy way to take down people early on is with one of the SMG's and they still prove to be reliable weapons later on as you can move and shoot with some of them.
    • Mac 10 - Another old favourite back for another appearance in a GTA game. Reach Hitman status with this and you'll be able to wield two at once allowing you to fire 100 bullets before having to reload. 50 rouns per clip.
    • Tec 9 - Almost identical to the Mac 10 except it maybe makes a slightly different noise. Another rough and ready weapon that will more often than not get the job done. Used by the SWAT team when you have 4 stars. 50 rounds per clip.
    • MP5 - The most powerful SMG. You can't dual wield when you reach Hitman but the power more than makes up for it. You'll feel its power if you start getting shot by the FBI as they carry these guns. 30 rounds per clip.

  • Slot 6 - Assault Rifles
    When you want to cause some serious pain on your target then the assault rifle is the way to go.
    • AK47 - The terrorist's weapon choice, but with a long range and almost unmatched power it is a very handy weapon. Useful for killing everything from people and cars to helicopters in a fairly short amount of time. 30 rounds per clip.
    • M4 - The army's choice. Virtually identical in power and range to the AK47, just you can fire 20 more shots before having to reload. 50 rounds per clip.

  • Slot 7 - Rifles
    If you're fed up of weapons locking on automatically then try weapons in this category. They require manual aiming and are particularly satisfying when you get a headshot. Both rifles are single shot.
    • Rifle - Classic rifle, used a lot by farmers. Small level of zoom in when you aim to fire, a shot to the head usually kills instantly unless your target has a lot of body armour.
    • Sniper Rifle - Works the same was it always has done. Large level of zoom for long distance kills, very satisfying to know your target didn't know what hit them.

  • Slot 8 - Heavy Weaponry
    Ok, now we're into the league of causing mass destruction. These weapons have the ability to raise your wanted level faster than any other.
    • Minigun - You saw it in Terminator 2 and loved it. It was there in Vice City and it's back again. Few other weapons can cause so much damage from a standing position. Tears through cars and people with ease. It goes through ammo as fast as targets though. 200 rounds per clip.
    • Flamethrower - Burn baby burn! As useful as it ever was except now small fires can turn into big ones over time, so watch out you don't get caught up in it. 50 rounds per clip.
    • Rocket Launcher - Same basic priniciple as it always was. Aim, fire, destroy. Where CJ actually stores this weapon when he's not using it is another story though.
    • Heat-seeking Missile Launcher - What's better than a rocket launcher? How about a weapon that fires rockets that home onto targets? That's what you get with this weapon. One of the most badass weapons imaginable, when you find one make sure you put it to good use.

  • Slot 9 - Thrown Weapons
    If you're tired of simply pulling triggers then try this category of weapons.
    • Grenades - With a timed fuse from the minute it leaves your hand make sure you throw it far enough. Good for bouncing around corners or clearing an area out before you charge in guns blazing.
    • Molotov Cocktails - Poor man's grenade but just as effective. The fire will spread so be careful where you use these.
    • Satchel Explosives - Extrememly powerful explosive. Activated with a detonator and will stick to any surface. Using one automatically will get you a one star wanted level no matter where you use it.
    • Tear gas - Causes temporary blindness and health loss to everyone. Handy if you only want to cause a small amount of damage, but who honestly really wants to just do small amounts of damage?

  • Slot 10 - Handheld Items
    Not really weapons, but you can still only have one item in this category in your posession at once.
    • Fire Extinguisher - Does exaclt what it says on the tin. Can be used on people as well and will be used in a few missions. 200 rounds per clip.
    • Camera - Again, will be used in a few missions. You can take pictures of anything you like and save it to your memory card if you get one you want to keep. Has a long zoom and needed for the Photo Ops side missions. 36 rounds per clip.
    • Spray Can - Used to grafitti your tag over rival gang tags. Spray all 100 for a nice reward. This can be used to stop people in their tracks and eventually kill them as well. 200 rounds per clip.

  • Slot 11 - Gifts
    This slot is for things to give to your girlfriend to help increase your relationship percentage. They can also be used as weapons.
    • Flowers - Just run through any flower garden to pick these up.
    • Dildo - Found in the shower of a police station. Makes a... unique weapon.
    • Vibrator - Can be found behind the dumpster by the boatyard across the Gant Bridge.

  • Slot 12 - Other items
    Again, not really weapons but they're listed here nonetheless.
    • Parachute - Used for skydiving to avoid you becoming a stain on the pavement.
    • Night Vision Goggles - Handy for seeing in the dark to avoid you shooting or moving blind.
    • Thermal Goggles - If you want to detect heat sources then these are definitely the items for you.

    Thanks to Incidnia for the clip sizes.

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