Vlad Glebov

Vlad Glebov (28 September 1975 - Autumn 2008) (41/42 years old) was the Russian owner of Comrades bar. He was the loan shark and the cousin of Mikhail Faustin. Faustin mentions that the only reason Vlad is kept around is because Faustin is sleeping with Vlad's sister. Vlad had a relationship to Mallorie, who is Roman Bellic's girlfriend. In the mission "Uncle Vlad", Niko founds Roman drunk in his Cab Depot, sobbing as he had discovered that Mallorie is cheating. Roman gets angry at Niko when he discovers Niko had suspicions, leaving Niko in a rage that leads him to confronting Vlad at Comrade's. Vlad's goons attack Niko and Vlad runs to his car. Roman pleads with Niko not to kill Vlad, and to just go home, but Niko persists and eventually Vlad attempts to escape on foot. Niko corners him and this leads to one of many pistol executions, where Niko has the option to execute Vlad in a cutscene. Niko shoots Vlad in the head. After Vlad is dead Niko reveals to Roman his true intentions in Liberty City. Vlad was known for calling Niko a yokel, and Niko always glared at Vlad. He is 6'2 and 246 lbs.

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