Vincenzo Cilli

Vincenzo Cilli
Vincenzo Cilli.jpg
NameVincenzo Cilli
NicknameVinnie, Lucky
Date of Birth11 August 1964
Height5' 11" (1.8m)
WeightApprox. 79 kg
loyaltyLeone Family, himself
Year of Death1998(aged 35)
Voice actorJoe Lo Truglio

Introduced in: Home Sweet Home

Killed in: The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade

Vincenzo is a major character in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. He is a member of the Leone Family and is the caporegime to Don Salvatore Leone. His rise to power is due to Toni Cipriani being absent for killing a made man. Both Toni and Vincenzo hate each other, Toni, because Vincenzo treats him with no respect, and Vincenzo, because Toni could get too powerful in the gang and take over his job. Despite this, Vincenzo gave an apartment to Toni for his stay in Liberty City. Vincenzo loves ordering Toni around, to the increasing annoyance of Toni. When Toni eventually got too powerful (even though Toni had only been ordered around by Vincenzo), he orders Toni to go pick up his car from the docks. Unfortunately, the car was being watched by the police. Toni escapes, quits from working for Vincenzo and destroys Vincenzo's car. Later in the game, Vincenzo wants a truce with Toni and tells him to meet him in a nearby ship. The doors closes, and it's revealed to be another ambush set up by Vincenzo with the attempt to kill Toni. Several members from an unknown family, most likely the Leone, but loyal to Vincenzo, come out from hallways with the attempt to kill Toni with chainsaws, a reference to Leatherface.


[edit] Missions for Vincenzo

[edit] Slacker

A dealer hasn't been doing much for the last few days so Vincenzo sends Toni to pick him up and take him back to Chinatown, where he was stationed.

[edit] Dealing Revenge

The dealer from slacker has been killed and toni and Vincenzo want revenge.

[edit] Snuff

Toni has to deal with Sindacco goons that are hiding in a construction site.

[edit] Smash and grab

Some Leone Family members have failed a raid and so Toni has to pick them up from a gas station.

[edit] Hot Wheels

Toni is becoming too powerful and too popular and is placing Vincenzo's job at risk, so Vincenzo tells Toni to pick up a car. Unfortunately, it's being monitered by the police.

[edit] The Portland Chainsaw masquerade

Characters Killed: Vincenzo Chilli

Vincenzo wants a truce and organises one at a nearby ship. It's a trap and Leone members loyal to Vinnie wielding chainsaws try to kill Toni. When that fails, a Uzi-wielding Vincenzo appears, only to be killed by Toni. During one of these missions Vinny is seen getting a blowjob while talking to his mother on the phone.

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