Victor Vance

Victor Vance
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NameVictor Vance
NicknameVic, Boss, Mr.Vance
Height5’ 7” (1.7 m)
PoliceVance Crime Family
Born4 october 1952
Died1986 (aged 30)
Voice actorDorian Missick

[edit] History of Character

Victor Vance is the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. He also appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, briefly, as a minor character. He is the older brother of Lance Vance and younger than Pete Vance, an associate of Vice City protagonist, Tommy Vercetti.

Victor was born in 1956, in Dominican Republic and his mother was American and his father from there. He is raised with Lance in Aunt Enid's house, because their mother was in drugs. After his father listen about this topic, he divorced her. His father is the descendant of migrants from anglophone caribbean islands(St Kitts, British Virgin Islands), and his mother is Irish American.

At the age of 26, Victor goes to thw Air Fort Baxter, in Vice City and his target was to pay the bills to his older brother. In 1982, he became an Corporal, but he is fired because, Sergeant Peppah found under his bed an one kilo of Marijouana. He serves under Sgt. Jerry Martinez. At the start of the game, Vic is persuaded by Martinez to hide drugs and a prostitute in his barracks. The illegal contraband is discovered, however, and Martinez blames Vic.

Vic is given work back on the streets by a local gun-runner, Phil Cassidy, a friend of Martinez. Cassidy is having problems with a street-gang called the Cholos, who are moving in on his business. Phil tells his brother-in-law, Marty Jay Williams, the leader of the Trailer Park Mafia, and his wife, Louise. Vic helps increase the Trailer Park Mafia's reputation in Vice City by taking over businesses and stealing assets from the Cholos. Louise grows tired of Marty and breaks up with him. Her and Vic start dating in secret, but are eventually discovered by Marty. Marty kidnaps Louise, intending to turn into one of the Trailer Park Mafia's whores. Vic goes after Marty and kills him, meaning he is now in control of the Trailer Park Mafia.

Sonn after this, Vic's younger brother, Lance, calls him up, offering to "double-team" Vice City. Lance arrives, with intentions of getting involved with Vice City's huge drug-trade. Vic thinks narcotics are a dirty business, and won't go along with it. Lance goes in search of a supplier, and hooks up with a man named Bryan Forbes, who get them a cocaine shipment and helps them evade the cops. The Vance brothers find out Forbes is an undercover FBI aagent, and take him to a warehouse for interrogation. However, he gives them false infromation, which lands them in trouble. They give him the benifit of the doubt, but he leads them to a bar full of gay white-supremacists. The brothers are forced to fight their way out, leaving a bloody trail of corpses behind them. They return to the warehouse to deal with Forbes,, but find out he has gotten free. Vic is forced to murder Forbes before he can go to the authorities. Lance is annoyed, though, because they couldn't find out anything about the coke shipment.

The Vance brothers manage to find out where the shipment will arrive, and Lance persuades Vic to help by telling him that Jerry Martinez is overseeing the unloading. The brothers manage to steal two trucks full of cocaine and take the trucks to a lock-up on the other side of town. Vic calls Martinez to gloat, but learns that they were both double-crossed. The shipment belonged to Diego And Armando Mendez, Vice City's most powerful drug-lords. The Mendezes threaten to have everyone involved in the deal killed, so Martinez plans on turning in evidence to the FBI to save his own skin.

The Vances know they cannot win a war against the Mendez brothers, so they travel to their compound to ally with the Mendezes. They are told that they must frame Martinez for the coke-theft, first. They then have to pay back the money the Mendez brothers back the money they lost on the deal. The Mendezes offer the Vance brothers a deal, they must hand over all their businesses and assets to the Mendezes then flee town. The brothers refuse, and are taken to an oil refinery to be killed.

The Vance brothers are taken out to be shot, but Vic shoots out a gas tank, incinerating their captors. They resist the counter-attacks by the Mendez brothers, with the help of Ricardo Diaz, another Vice City drug-lord. He offers them protection if they can help him remove his competition.

Martinez drops out of the witness-protection program and joins up with the Mendezes. Vic steals an attack chopper and launches an attack on the Mendez Office Tower, killing Martinez and The Mendez brothers in the process. Vic and Lance decide to leave town until the heat dies down. Lance tells Vic he has managed to get 20 kilos of coke, and has stashed it in a lock-up out of town. Vic tells him to get rid of it.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Vic as he appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

It is often widely speculated, however never confirmed, that the character who accompanied Lance in the drug dealing at the beginning of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was Vic. Ricardo Diaz sent his men to ambush the deal and in the process, the man was shot but Lance escaped unharmed. He mentioned to Tommy Vercetti that it was his brother that was shot, and it is assumed that it is Vic, which would explain his absence in the game given their close relationship in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories which is set two years previously. The general character of the man during the deal, however, is very much different to the Vic from Vice City Stories, most notably how different his voice is, which makes it difficult to determine whether the character was indeed intended to be Vic or whether it was Lance's other brother, Peter.

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