Vice City

This article is about the city. For the games featuring the city, see Grand Theft Auto: Vice City or Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

The map of Vice City as it is in 1986.

Vice City is an urban metropolis based on the city of Miami, Florida, and is built around large areas of water and beaches. Vice City has typical weather for what it is, ranging from bright sunny days to tropical thunderstorms, and is thriving with bikini clad women, bright colours and neon signs and other stereotypical 1980s Miami features. It is split into two major islands, the west being the mainland, and the east being the beach area, with two small islands (Starfish Island and Prawn Island) and a golf course in the river in the middle.


[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Rendition

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which is set in 1986, things have barely changed over the two years between that and Vice City Stories, except for a few small things such as the funfair and a couple of construction sites.

[edit] Mainland Vice City

Mainland Vice City, located to the west, is made up of four main areas, these being Downtown, Little Haiti, Little Havana, Vice Port and Escobar International. Downtown is the main part of the city where all the big buildings and important places are located, including the new Hyman Memorial Stadium, VCPD Headquarters and the tall skyscrapers, and is located to the north of the Mainland. South of this is Little Haiti, which is a rough residential area, made up of poor quality housing and inhabited by purple wearing, Voodoo driving Haitian immigrant gangsters, who are led by Auntie Poulet. Further south is Little Havana, which is the home of the rivals of the Haitians, the Cuban immigrants, who are led by Umberto Robina. These two areas of Vice City face constant problems with gang wars and disruptions. To the very south of the island is Vice Port, where the majority of Vice City's importing and exporting, both legal and illegal, take place, and to the west of this is Escobar International Airport and Fort Baxter Air Base.

Pedestrians walking down the Vice Beach strip.

[edit] Prawn Island

Prawn Island is located to the north end of the city, between the Mainland and the Beach, and is controlled primarily by the Streetwannabes, also known as the Sharks. Prawn Island is quite a run down area, which has very nice homes which were taken over by the gangs and ruined. Also located on Prawn Island is the Interglobal Film Studios, where Steve Scott filmed such porn movies as Bite, starring Candy Suxxx. It was rumoured that this island got it's name from the internet slang pr0n, which means porn and is pronounced as prawn.

[edit] Starfish Island

Starfish island is another island located between the Mainland and the beach, and is the home of the rich and the famous (or infamous). Full of mansions, fast cars and yachts, Starfish Island is the place to live in Vice City. The main mansion, located to the south of the island, is the home of coke baron Ricardo Diaz, but does later become the home of Tommy Vercetti.

[edit] Vice Beach

Vice Beach is large island on the east of the map. More than half of the island is made up of a large beach, which is split into two parts; Ocean Beach and Washington Beach. Ocean Beach is the area to the south of the island, comprising of a few small skyscrapers and many expensive cars, houses, malls and yachts, whilst Washington Beach, located directly north of Ocean Beach, is a slightly more affordable area. Located to the very north of Vice Beach is Vice Point, which is home to many beach apartments and a large shopping mall.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Rendition

In Vice City Stories things not changed geographically, however a few features were found in this version of Vice City that were not in the 1986 version.

[edit] Main Differences

Part of Vice City as it is in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

The main differences between this version of Vice City and the one in the original game are:

  • Near where Sunshine Autos was in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, a trailer park (home to the Trailer Park Mafia gang) is located instead. The Sunshine Autos building is still under construction in 1984, and the original business is located just up the road.
  • Little Haiti is not controlled by Haitian gangsters, and the Cuban gangsters in Little Havana are only just emerging. The two areas are mainly controlled by the Cholos and the Stallionz.
  • Where Avery Carrington's construction site was in 1986, there is a theme park instead, made up of several amusements, including dodgems and a Ferris Wheel (the Chunder Wheel. The construction site over the road which Tommy Vercetti destroys in the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mission Demolition Man is instead an area of grass.
  • Ricardo Diaz' mansion is either still being constructed in places, or is undergoing repairs, as some walls are surrounded with scaffolding.
  • The Well Stacked Pizza Co buildings are still there, but instead are King Knuts buildings. It is not known what happened to King Knuts as it is not seen in any other GTA games, so it is assumed that it either went bankrupt or was taken over.
  • The houses on Prawn Island are still in tact and the whole of Prawn Island and most of Vice Beach is jointly controlled by the Stallionz and the Sharks (not to be confused with Big Mitch Baker's biker gang or the Streetwannabes from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

[edit] Other Grand Theft Auto Games

[edit] Grand Theft Auto

Vice City also appeared in the original Grand Theft Auto game along with Liberty City and San Andreas. As with Liberty City, it is geographically very similar to the city it is meant to be based on (Miami, Florida), but bears little resemblance to the one used in the Grand Theft Auto III era games.

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