Vehicle Weapons

New to Grand Theft Auto 2, you can now arm your vehicle with equipment, and some special vehicles have things built into them. The Vehicle Bomb, Oil Slick, Mines and Machine Gun upgrades can all be bought from the Garages around town, the other upgrades can only be obtained in special circumstances.

Vehicle Bomb

    Costing $5'000 this device, once activated, will blow your car to bits seconds later. Once you've armed it you should get out and run. Very handy for destroying other vehicles or catching people unawares.

Oil Slick

    Costing $10'000 you'll get 10 oil slicks for your money. When you deploy one, any vehicle that drives over it will go out of control and veer wildly to one side. This is very useful for pursuing cop cars if you don't want to blow them up with mines and get yourself into more trouble.


    Costing $50'000 these things are not cheap at all, but for your money you'll get 10 mines that you can deploy behind you. They have the power of a rocket launcher when they explode so most cars will only take one mine to destroy. This is probably the best anti-cop weapon you'll find, it can give you some much needd breathing space in a high speed chase. These are not available at the garages in Downtown.

Machine Gun

    Costing $25'000 for 10 rounds (of 10 bullets each), this is very handy for gunning down pedestrians on the street, but also can be used for destroying vehicles in front of you, such as roadblocks and the like. It fires 2 streams of bullets in the direction the vehicle is pointing.

Tank Gun

    Found only on the tanks, when you get in a new tank you'll have 20 rounds. It's basically a rocket launcher in all aspects.

Water Cannon

    Found only on the fire trucks, it's primary use is for putting out fires. But it will also knock people back and eventually kill them. Because of this, it's very handy for repelling cops as they rush to your vehicle.

Jeep Gun

    Found only on Armed Land Roamers, the turret can rotate 360 degrees and is basically a regular machine gun on a turret. Each Armed Land Roamer comes equipped with 20 rounds of 10 bullets each.


    Found only on the firetruck in the Flame-It! mission in the Residential map and on the firetruck as the reward for finding all 8 hidden cars on the same map, it's basically a regular flamethrower mounted on a turret.

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