Van Heist

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Van Heist is a Joey Leone mission in Grand Theft Auto III.

  • Objective: Steal the armoured payroll van.
  • Brief summary: The van is impervious to bullets so you need a sturdy car to damage the van and scare off the driver and the guard. Once they take off, you can then take the van to Joey's Armoured Car Cracking Guys and pass the mission.
  • Reward: $2,000
  • Note: Doing this mission will unlock El Burro's Mission. He will call you and tell you to go to the payphone in Hepburn Heights. You can do his missions from anytime here on in. (It is recommended you do his missions soon, so that you are doing it before you make gang enemies and they are attacking you, as you try to accomplish El Burro's mission as they take you all over Portland.)

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