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VCPR is a public radio station first heard in Vice City. Its most prominent program is Pressing issues, which ruled the radio station in 1986.

[edit] 1984

[edit] Pressing Issues- Life in 1984: crazy or what?

  • Maurice Chavez- Host of the show who previously found work as 'Sal, the wheat-free clown' circa 1980.
  • Martin Graves- A nerd and a technologist, Martin is interrupted at the beginning by Maurice, who wanted to know what a technologist was but stopped Martin before he could explain. He also has strange ideas about the future, such as there being robots.
  • Bryony Craddock- A woman with 15 children already and was pregnant with the 16th. She is a typical 'soccer mum' and believes in family first. At the end of the show, Bryony goes into labour and has her 16th child.
  • Forbes Waverly III-She is from Connecticut and her behaviour and name are masculine. She was neglected by her father when she was younger, leading her to be ruthless and uncaring.

[edit] New World Order

  • Dwayne Thorn- He is the host of the show and believes that America is the most superior country in the world. It's revealed that he is part of the Epsilon Program, which first appeared in San Andreas, by saying that 'Kifflom' was his mantra.
  • Bryce Parker- Bryce is a reporter with a British accent who is fond of children and prepubescents.
  • Chuck Summers- Chuck is a reporter who reports on the poverty in India and comes down with a case of violent diarrhea.
  • John Sickerman- John also has a British accent and interviews Ecuadorian drug lord Pedro.
  • Heinrich Havelock- Heinrich is a reporter with a German accent, who interviews a native town cheiftain from a Veenusuealan town Dwayne cannot pronounce. Dwayne also cannot pronounce Heinrich's name.

[edit] Bait and Switch with Larry Joe and Bobby Ray

Both Larry Joe and Bobby Ray are Vietnam War veterans and film their segment at the Vice City Boats Show.

  • Larry Joe- Larry enjoys fishing, hunting and beer. He gets annoyed at his co-hosts comments, such as calling Larry Joe's wife a whore.
  • Bobby Ray- He is more violent due to post traumatic stress disorder from fighting in the Vietnam war. He easily admits to the deaths of several obese people while drunk, thinking they were manatees.
  • Kenny Crane- Kenny is a stereotypical redneck and is a guest to the radio program. He has a unique way of catching fish, deer urine.

[edit] Gordon Moorehead rides again: Gordon Moorehead and the exploding breasts

One of the two programs on VCPR that can be heard from 40 years ago, the other being The Time Ranger.

  • Gordon Moorehead- Frequently slaps the female lead, Molly. He is the main character and his name is always mispronounced.
  • Molly Malmstein- Molly is the female lead. She is portrayed as a damsel-in-distress. She is frequently and randomly slapped by Gordon. Molly's breasts explode at the end of the episode which is why the episode was called what it is.
  • Pablo- Pablo is a good friend of Gordon and Molly. He is also a Mexican stereotype and offers stereotypical help, such as offering tequila.
  • Pete Banbury- Pete is also known as the fisherman and was called a communist by Molly. The story revolves around finding Pete and his daughter.

[edit] The Time Ranger

The show was cancelled for obvious reasons in 1938.

  • The Time Ranger- He travels through time by masturbating. He normally cannot be seen by adults who he encounters on his journey.
  • Richard- Richard is a boy who the Time Ranger encounters in 1175. He tells the time ranger that "Dragons roam the land and we are infested with cliches". He tortures animals, slow children and lepers. Richard listens the the Time Ranger explain about sex in the future, although they are false, such as unicorns pleasuring women.
  • Mother- Mother is the mother of Richard and is sexually related to the king.
  • Madamemoselle- Because of the constant shouting of "off with their heads!", she is likely based on Marie Antoinette. The Time Ranger encounters her when he finds himself in France during the French Revolution.

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