Umberto Robina

Umberto Robina
Umberto Robina.jpg
NameUmberto Robina
Date of birth15 October 1940
Age47 (GTA VCS), 49 (GTA VC)
Height6'2.5" (1,89m)
GangCubans, allied with Vic and Tommy's gangs.
Year of DeathN/A
Voice actorDanny Trejo


[edit] Appearance

Umberto is the leader of the Cuban gang, renamed 'Los Caborones' in Vice City Stories. He is only seen in the Vice City-based games. He is a supporting character in both games. He is constantly asking other people how big their cojones are, referring to the actual size and how macho and manly they are. In both appearances, the Cuban gang is in a war with a rival gang, in Vice City Stories, it's the Cholos, and in Vice City, it's Haitians. Both Vic and Tommy, the 2 games protagonists, help Umberto destroy the base of operations, effectively ending the rival gang.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories missions

Umberto's missions can be taken from his house in Little Havana.

[edit] Nice Package

Vic is up against several contestants to try and collect a package.

[edit] Balls

Vic collects Caborones gang members take out several groups of Cholos causing general chaos in Little Havana.

[edit] Papi don't screech

Vic is sent by Umberto to collect his father, Alberto and take him to a new shop he's opening up in a couple of minutes. Vic has to steer clear of rival cholos members or the gunfight between Vic and cholos would give Alberto a heart attack.

[edit] Havana good time

Vic and three other Caberones members take out the Cholo factory, leading to their downfall and the rise of Haitians to form a gang.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Vice City missions

Umberto's missions can be taken from his father's restaurant seen in 'Papi don't screech'.

[edit] Stunt Boat Challenge

Umberto challenges Tommy to a stunt boat challenge to prove Tommy's got 'cojones'.

[edit] Cannon Fodder

Tommy fights his way to a van, steals it, and takes it back to Umberto.

[edit] Naval Engagement

Tommy and Rico, a Cuban gang member, both go to a meeting between the Haitans and another gang on Starfish Island by boat, steals a briefcase and drugs and takes it back to the cafe. Rico gets killed after Tommy gets the briefcase, leaving him to go to the cafe with police attention.

[edit] Trojan Voodoo

Tommy steals a voodoo, which is a Haitain gang car, goes into the main Haitain drug processing plant, and blows it up, effectively defeating the gang. then fuck a duck

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