The Mendez Brothers

Both introduced in: The Mugshot Longshot

Armando killed in: Light my Pyre

Diego killed in: The last stand

[edit] About

The Mendez Brothers are the antagonists of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, along with Jerry Martinez. Both are the heads of their own cartel and are one of the biggest drug barons in Vice City. Their only main rival is Ricardo Diaz. The brothers live in a mansion on Prawn island, near the Interglobal Films studios. It is unknown if the Mendez brothers are related to T-Bone Mendez from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

[edit] Diego Mendez

Diego Mendez
Diego Mendez.jpg
NameDiego Mendez
GangThe Mendez Cartel
Year of Death1984
Voice actorRuben Trujillo

Introduced in: The Mugshot Longshot

Killed in:The last stand

Diego Mendez is the quieter brother of the two. He rarely speaks, but when he does he mostly speaks Spanish, however he also speaks English in the cutscene of one mission. Lance tells a lie to the Mendez brothers by telling the Jerry Martinez stole their shipment of drugs and Vic goes out and takes photos of Jerry with a government agent to frame Jerry of being an undercover cop. Diego is the last Mendez brother to survive and tries to take out Vic Vance with Jerry Martinez in The Last Stand on top of the Mendez Building near the Hyman Memorial Stadium. Reni Wassulmaier has implied that once, Reni and Diego were lovers, although there is no evidence to back that up.

[edit] Armando Mendez

Armando Mendez
Armando Mendez.png
NameArmando Mendez
Height 5'11 1/2"Unknown
GangThe Mendez Cartel
Year of Death1984
Voice actorYul Vazquez

Introduced in: The Mugshot Longshot

Killed in:Light my Pyre

Armando, because he talks more English and more active in participating in being a drug baron than his brother, established himself as the 'face' of the Mendez Cartel. Armando is usually the Mendez brother who communicates with Lance and Vic. He also makes more plans, such as making the Vance Brothers and Mendez brothers 'partners', although this is so Vic and Lance can do their dirty work, take out opponents (but not Ricardo) and even take the fall when the police are on to them. When Vic retrieves money and drugs confiscated from the Mendez Brothers by the police, Armando tells them they are free to go, but must hand over Vic's businesses. Vic refuses and the Vance Brothers are left in an industrial area surrounded by giant gas tanks that can easily explode. Vic bankrupts the Mendez brothers by burning their bearers bonds through their Domestobot, but Armando kidnaps and kills Vic's girlfriend Louise Cassidy-Williams, arms himself with a flamethrower, and is killed by an angry Vic.

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