The Lost

The Lost
The Lost Logo.png
LeadersBilly Grey (Dead)
Johnny Klebitz
Base of OperationsAlderney

The Lost MC is a biker gang based in Alderney, Liberty City. It is most prominently mentioned in the game The Lost and Damned.

[edit] The Lost and Damned

Little is revealed about the biker gang before this game. Billy had been leader for an undisclosed amount of time and before the game starts, his bike had been stolen by rivals Angels of Death.
Billy makes a deal with the Triads to kill Johnny Klebitz, but they failed. After leaving the Triad's building, he and another Lost member see Billy getting arrested. Johnny becomes leader, although many believe that Johnny called the police to arrest Billy and become leader.
The gang gets split in two, one faction following Brian, the other following Johnny. Johnny and his faction quickly wipes out Brian and his faction of The Lost.
The gang then discovers that Billy is planning on going into witness protection to take down The Lost. The remaining members visit the Alderney State Correctional Facility where Billy is being kept, fought through the guards, and Johnny himself kills a defenceless Billy.
The gang by now was small, so Johnny and the remaining members destroy the clubhouse and disbanded.

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