Steve Scott

Steve Scott
NameSteven Scott
AgeEarly 50's (1986)
EmployerVercetti Interglobal
Voice ActorDennis Hopper

Introduced In: The Party

[edit] History

Steven 'Steve' Scott, born in Las Venturas, San Andreas, started his prominent film career in the 1950's as a struggling actor and soon found his way around. He was awarded the title of 'Director of the Year' for five years straight during the 70's before his raucous decline into the porn industry.

[edit] Porn Director

During 1982, Scott relocated to Vice City as he sought to further his directing career in the porn industry. He released several award winning skin flicks before his ideas got too "artistic' and all film companys refused to fund him. By 1986, his career was in shambles before the independent Interglobal Studios was bought by newly found Vice City drugload, Tommy Vercetti. Scotts career took off once more and has began to keep a low profile. He is said to have been seen roaming the streets of Liberty City as of 2001.

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