Starfish Island

Starfish Island
Starfish Island.jpg
NameStarfish Island
Known residentsTommy Vercetti
Former residentsRicardo Diaz
known mansionsVercetti Estate


[edit] About

Starfish Island is a district of Vice City and as its name suggests, it's also an island. It is home to the richer residents of Vice City, such as drug baron Ricardo Diaz, and after his death, Tommy Vercetti. There's a mansion on the south-east corner of the island that is also the largest of all of the mansions and houses on Starfish Island. This mansion belonged to Ricardo Diaz and Tommy Vercetti. As Starfish Island is an area for rich people, sports and rare cars for the impound lots in 1984 and 1986 are easy to come by in Starfish Island. For several of the houses, there are small piers at the back of the houses for the owners to ride boats they own.

[edit] Missions involving Starfish Island

[edit] Naval Engagment (Umberto Robina)

Pepe and Tommy go by boat to a house on the north side to steal a briefcase, ending with Tommy going on the run from the law.

[edit] Bombs Away! (Auntie Poulet)

Poulet forces Tommy to help her destroy Umberto's gang by taking control of a remote-controlled planes and dropping bombs on them and their boats.

[edit] Keep your friends close... (Tommy Vercetti)

This is the only mission set completely on Starfish Island. Tommy Vercetti finally comes face to face with antagonist Sonny Forelli who wants his money. Lance Vance betrays Tommy, so he kills them both.

[edit] Islands of Vice City

Starfish Island is one of the smaller islands in the middle of Vice City, the other being Prawn Island and a part of Leaf Links Golf Club.

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