Sayonara Salvatore

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30 May 1939 "Sayonara Salvatore" is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III in which you assassinate the Mafia Don, Salvatore Leone. This is the first mission on the second island in the game. You are working under the Liberty City Yakuza for this mission, and the purpose of the mission is to prove to them that your ties to the Mafia are broken, and that your loyalties lie singularly with them.

[edit] Walkthrough

This mission has been set by the LC Yakuza, they want you to assassinate Salvatore Leone, the Don of the Leone Mafia family. The purpose of the mission is to prove you no longer have connections with the Leones.

After the cutscene, get in to the Yakuza Stinger parked outside and head oveer to Luigi's club. Salvatore will be leaving the club in three hours, game-time, so roughly about five minutes. Make sure you're packing a sniper-rifle. If not, stop in to Amuunation and buy one.

Once you reach the club, the game will inform you that Salvatore's men have spotted you and the red blip will dissapear from the radar. Don't worry, just don't waste time killing Salvatore's men. Head for the rooftop of the building directly opposite the club, it has an alley with a staircase beside it. Go to the edge of the roof and wait for Salvatore to exit the club. When he does, snipe him.

[edit] Notes

  • After this mission, the Mafia will be hostile with you. Be careful, they have shotguns.

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