Salvatore Leone

Don Salvatore Leone
NameSalvatore Leone
Height5’ 7¾” (1.72 m)
GangLeone Family Mafia
Died2001 (aged 66)
Voice actorFrank Vincent


[edit] History

Salvatore Leone is the Don of the Leone family in Liberty City. Don Leone is originally from Sicily, according to the Grand Theft Auto III official website, and rose to the head of the organisation after a violent power-struggle in the mid 80's. He has an unnamed brother referenced several times. He has a wife named Maria and a son, Joey.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: III

Introduced in: Salvatore's Called A Meeting

Killed in: Sayonara Salvatore

Salvatore is introduced to Claude Speed after calling a meeting between Joey Leone, Toni Cipriani and Luigi Goterelli. Salvatore's early missions involve him instructing Claude to investigate a man named Curly Bob, who may be leaking information to the Colombian Cartel. Claude is asked to kill Bob, if this is found to be true. Salvatore grows increasingly paranoid throughout the game. He attempts to have Claude killed by setting him up with a trap by the Colombian Cartel. Salvatore is murdered by Claude as he leaves Luigi's club.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Introduced in: Freefall

He eliminates the influence of the Forelli and Sindacco familys in Las Venturas, aided by Carl Johnson, in order to gain control of the income stemming from the casinos. He is betrayed when CJ and the San Fierro Triads stage an elaborate heist to rob Caligula's Casino of millions of dollars. It was also in San Andreas that Salvatore was first introduced to Maria, who worked in a casino as a waitress.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Introduced in: Home Sweet Home

In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Salvatore has a number of problems. He has a striking union calling for his arrest, and the mayor of Liberty City is seemingly, "out to get him". After the game progresses, the Sicilian Mafia arrive in Liberty City, seemingly to put an end to the Three Families War, but in reality, they wanted to take over Liberty City for themselves. After Toni Cipriani is introduced to Salvatore, he becomes his right-hand man and does anything the Don asks of him. Salvatore eventually makes Toni his caporegime. Mayor Roger C. Hole starts to make life difficult for the Leone Family, due to him being on the payroll of the Forelli Family. Salvatore instructs Toni to assassinate the Mayor during his morning jog. When the Mayor is dead, Salvatore pushes to have Donald Love made Mayor, as this would mean the Leone Family would control the city. However, Love loses the election to Miles O'Donnovan (GTA III Mayor). The Mafia War ends in 1998 when Salvatore is jailed. He believes the Forelli and Sindacco families sold him out to the FBI, and orders Toni to kill the two opposing Dons. After this has been done, the Leone Family gain a lot of power in Liberty City. Salvatore is released on bail and hopes Mayor O'Donnovan will drop the charges. However, a capo from the Sicilian Mafia kidnaps the Mayor. Toni is instructed to kill the Capo and rescue the Mayor. He does this and Mayor O'Donnovan agrees to back the Leones in gratitude. This leads to the Leone Family becoming the most powerful in Liberty City.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto: IV

A dilapidated mansion in Northern Alderney is implied by appearance to be Don Leone's former residence. Although this is never stated for a fact in the game, it displays many similar characteristics of Salvatore's residence, including the way that it is right on the coast of the island and is on the end of a long path, secluded from any nearby main roads.

Don Salvatore Leone is voiced by Frank Vincent in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

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