Saint Mark's Bistro (mission)

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Saint Mark's Bistro is a Mafia mission.

  • Objective: Salvatore Leone has grown weary of the threat of the Forelli Family Mafia and is going to send CJ To Liberty City to end it once and for all.
  • Summary: Fly to Liberty City and empty out the St Mark's Biistro of the Forelli Family. This is a high firepower duck and cover mission and unfortunately, you are not allowed to free roam Liberty City after the mission, you will return immediately and automatically to Las Venturas.
  • Reward: $20,000 and Respect levels increase.
  • Unlocks: The Return to Los Santos path.
  • Note: You need to complete Green Goo, Freefall,High Noon and Madd Dogg's mission to unlock this one.

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