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Ryder is a Ryder mission.

  • Objective: This task is really simple. First, drive to Idlewood at the location marked on the map and enter the hairdressers. Pick a hairstyle, then exit the building. After a short cutscene, you'll find yourself being targeted with a shotgun. Quickly hop into Ryder's car and drive back to Ganton. It's a nice idea to run over the man with the shotgun until he dies, then grab the shotgun before driving back to Ganton.
  • Summary: Ryder shows you a few places nearby like the barber shop and somewhere to get some food. These will be important later on so take note. A rather comical ending to the mission occurs when Ryder tries to rob a a fast food store (the Well Stacked Pizza Co).
  • Reward: Respect level increases and unlock Sweet's missions.

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